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Fostering is one of the most needed and greatly rewarding volunteer experiences.

We would love to hear from you if you have space in your life and home for a cat in need.

Della - Volunteer Fosterer

“I have always had cats in my life, then six months ago I saw an advert from the Newmoon Rescue asking for fosterers. I am retired so I thought I can do this. Meeting Heidi gave me the confidence that I could make a difference to unloved and abandoned cats. I have never regretted my decision to help. I have met so many kind, caring and passionate people that aks for nothing, just to give their time and love to rehabilitate every cat that comes to The New Moon Rescue."

Michelle - Volunteer Fosterer

“Earlier this year, we became cat fosterers with New Moon Rescue. One of the first foster cats who came into our lives was little Tiggy. She had been living as a stray in South London.  Local residents had been feeding her but no one knew where she had come from and it became apparent she didn’t have a home to go to. New Moon Rescue stepped in and had her checked to see if she was chipped (sadly she wasn’t).
So ...Tiggy came to us. I collected her on an evening of torrential rain, she was wide eyed and rather bewildered, not sure what was happening. However, she settled with us quite quickly and was keen to show us how friendly and playful she was. Our children loved spending time with her and watching her confidence grow. We soon discovered that as well as playtime Tiggy absolutely LOVES Dreamies and would let us know whenever she fancied some! Tiggy was with us for a few weeks and in that time New Moon Rescue found her a perfect forever home. We were sad to see her go but delighted she has a happy and loving forever home. We didn’t stop there and have enjoyed helping many more cats."

Mary - Volunteer Fosterer 

"I have been volunteering for the New Moon for around 18 months and I have happily helped many cats in that time. I have learnt skills in trapping feral cats, fundraising, fostering and even a little bit of admin! Many foster cats and kittens have stayed with me, some for just a week, others a lot longer while they recovered from operations or raised their kittens. It's been a very fulfilling experience and I love how all the team work together to help so many cats."

Jess - Volunteer Fosterer 

After the passing of both our cats, we weren't quite ready for adopting but couldn't imagine our life or home without cats in it. We searched for a local rescue to donate the cat food we had left over and came across The New Moon Rescue.  After learning more about their fantastic work, we offered to support them by volunteering to foster. It has been nothing but rewarding watching cats and kittens grow in confidence and help them on their way to their forever homes. It has also been great to connect with a supportive and selfless group of people who care and give so much to cats and kittens in need of help and love. 

Why foster?

  • Fostering enables people to have animals in their lives, but without the full-time commitment or costs. 

  • It is rewarding to care for cats in need of help and see them go on to be successfully rehomed.

  • For those willing to take rehabilitation cases, fostering helps cats going through medical recovery, resolving behavioural problems or in need of socialization.

  • You will interact with like-minded individuals who share the same passion for helping animals.

What's involved?

  • Providing a safe and loving environment. 

  • We provide you with everything the cats in your care need including food, litter, equipment and the cost of veterinary treatment.

  • Caring for  the needs of cats in your care and giving your time and attention to socialize and get to know them. This will help us find them the right forever homes.

  • Taking the cats in your care to veterinary appointments.

  • You will be supported by a team of experienced volunteers. 

Criteria for fostering

  • Patience, understanding and unconditional love.

  • Previous experience of caring for cats.

  • Never have been banned from keeping animals in any country. 

  • A secure spare room away from busier parts of your home to support the cats in your care with gaining confidence at their own pace.

  • Preferably have your own transport in order to take the cats in your care to veterinary appointments. Alternatively, if you live close to one of our volunteers, they may be able to help with transport.

  • Have written permission from your landlord if you live in rented accommodation.

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