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We pride ourselves on being able to help any cat. Some can’t be socialised and are used to fending for themselves which means they are not suited to being a traditional family pet. Farms and stables make a good alternative for these cats by providing them with their own territory with shelter and a food source without being confined to sharing a home with people. All they need is regular food, a warm and dry place to sleep and veterinary care when needed. In return, you will get efficient rodent patrol.

All our cats are health checked, neutered and chipped before adoption. For yards and farm cats, we will travel further than our usual 20 miles for the right home and we can provide a crate and basics. We will remain in the background and help with any concerns, and if ever they need another home, we will take them back.

We work with rescues all over London and further to help find safe places for feral or traumatised domestic cats. They can’t help the way they are so we are here to help them on their journey. 

Click below to enquire about farm and yard cats available for adoption or to join the waiting list.

Once matched and approved, all adoptions are subject to a donation of £20 per cat.

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